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LEK consulting

L.E.K. is home to several affinity groups to support and enrich their employees, to make them future leaders at L.E.K. and beyond. They provide members with opportunities for networking and mentorship, and are designed so those members can share and discuss best practices for managing their work/life balance, achieving their career goals and furthering their personal development.

I was contracted as a senior graphic and digital designer to create assets for these initiatives.

Logo Design

Lek has contracted me to design logos and digital assets such as e-mail banners and video call backgrounds to support their company initiatives focusing on diversity.

My role consisted in art directing and graphic design.

Video Meeting Background Design

Web Banner Design

Parents @ LEK logo design

The Parents’ Network supports the extensive family-friendly policies L.E.K. has put in place, which is committed to providing a supportive environment for working parents and has won multiple awards for being a good place for mothers and fathers to work. This affinity group provides resources for employees who have children or are planning to help them balance their goals as professionals and parents — from providing information around internal policies such as flexible work options and leaves of absence to connecting them with external resources through the firm’s healthcare provider.

My role was to design the logo.